Deddington Beeches Bowls Club

There has been an active bowls club in Deddington for more than 100 years using various sites around the village. In 1995, after three years without a permanent home, the Club moved to its present green at the Windmill Centre in Hempton Road.

The Club is completely mixed and is affiliated to the Oxford County and English National Bowling Associations. All matches are friendlies, although some members enter County competitions.

The current subscription is £60.00, but for new members there will be no charge for the first year. The Club has the appropriate shoes and woods for use by anyone who would like to give bowls a try.

For contact information please refer to the DIRECTORY

Historical Snippets - The Holford Cup

Member Geoff Todd writes: "I have just read the feature relating to dear old Fred Deely as featured on Deddington OnLine. In Chapter 2, page 2 of 4, paragraph 5, there is mention of Captain Holford and his cup. This cup was in my possession as winner of the Deddington Beeches Bowls Club Singles Competition in 1999.

From engravings on its base it looks as though the competition between the two clubs - The Beeches and Castle Ground - commenced in 1926, with Castle Ground winning it five times to The Beeches' seven in subsequent years. From 1938 until 1946 inclusive there is no inscription but in 1947 the cup base was inscribed 'Deddington Beeches Singles Competition'. Not surprisingly the name F. Deely appears several times thereafter - 1948, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986, 1988 and lastly in 1989. Only one other member has won it more than once - and then only twice!

I do not know what happened between 1950 and 1972 as there is no inscription on the cup relating to this period. However, with Fred being County Singles Champion in 1969 I imagine he must still have been active on the green in Earls Lane (Maurice French's garden bowling green - now The Beeches housing development.) Several years ago the Club inaugurated the annual Fred Deely Triples Competition (this was during Fred's lifetime). Its winners' trophies are three of the Bradshaw Challenge Cup replicas won by Fred at various times. I have a fourth one dated 1928 which was not won by Fred. The old railway carriage, which was the clubhouse until Monty Spencer (then owner of Maurice French's former house) sold the land for building, is depicted in the Deddington Beeches Bowls Club badge."

Why were there lists of WWII POW names in the Club accounts ledger?

 The story of the search for the answer to this curious fact is contained in an article which can be found HERE