The historic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul is the Parish Church of Deddington. It is open daily from 8:30am to 5pm.
All are welcome to visit the churches and attend any of the services in Deddington or at St. John the Evangelist, Hempton. 


Church TV

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  Every 10:30 Sunday service is broadcast live via ChurchTV.
We also share our Wednesday Eucharist at 10am and the 8am Sunday Holy Communion service and broadcast as many other services and events as we can throughout the year.
If you cannot join us in person then please feel free to join the service online.
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Dear Friends

Dear Friends,
This letter is another of the many ‘firsts’ I have had to do since coming here as Vicar. I truly feel very blessed to be here and you have all made me extremely welcome – for that I thank you! You may well have seen me around the village – I’m the one with a dog collar round my neck and usually have a dog on a lead as well. Bertie is a great companion, and so rather than have yet another photo of me in this article, I have added one of him instead. Do make yourself known when you see me walking round!
The timing of taking up my post seems a little strange. Lent is historically and theologically, a time of reflection and of abstinence. Fasting and self-denial of the things we love most, or that we consider essential to living – food and drink – is a way to put us in the wilderness as it were, in the place where Jesus was before he could even start his ministry.
A period of fasting – putting ourselves voluntarily in a place of desolation and emptiness, can be a good thing – miserable as that sounds. To observe Lent properly - it must not be superficial – somehow it should result in our doing good for other people. That might be that fasting on certain days during Lent (usually a Friday), or not eating certain foods (biscuits, cakes). Whatever it is, it should encourage us to either give the money we spend on such things, or give food itself to those whose needs are greater than ours.
In recent years, I have been aware that some people actually take on something extra on during Lent. That might be perhaps doing some voluntary work, helping out at a local school, church or foodbank – all of which is commendable because it enriches the lives of others, and often continues long after Lent has ended.
I would have to agree with Pope Francis when he recently said about Lent that “it is our indifference to our neighbour and to God that represents a real temptation for Christians”. Whenever we become so caught up in our own interests and concerns that there is no longer room for others, no place for the poor, the lonely or the distressed, we should look again at our priorities. When we watch the news or read the newspapers, we should not be guilty of the sin of thinking that those problems and issues are of no concern to us, but are someone else’s responsibility. If this is perhaps something you can identify with but have no idea how to help, then signing up for ‘Justice Mail’ where we are alerted to the plight of those across the globe for whom there is no justice, is one way of doing that. If you are interested in starting a ‘Justice Mail’ group here, then please get in touch with me at
As Pope Francis says, if we fast on indifference, we can start to feast on love. So perhaps that is what we should do during Lent – learn to love again…learn to be the loving hands of Jesus to all who we meet and especially to those who suffer.
So, what are you doing for Lent? If you want to shed a few pounds or detox your body, then giving up chocolate, biscuits or alcohol is the way to go. But f you want to change your heart, then a harder fast is needed. It will be tough, but it will be worth it. It will make room in our lives to experience a love that can make us whole and set us free form the material things of the 21st Century. That, I think, is something worth fasting for!
With every blessing,

Revd Annie


Electoral Roll

The date for the APCM has been set as Thursday, 23rd April and that means it’s also Electoral Roll time.

Thankfully, this year is just a revision of the existing roll so if you are already on it you need do nothing unless you have moved house in the last year (please do let me know!).

However, if you are not on the roll and would like to be on the electoral roll then there are some dates to keep in mind.

The revision of the roll will open on Sunday, 22nd February and forms to sign up for the roll are available in both Hempton and Deddington Church and from this link. Completed forms can be left in the white envelope marked “Electoral Roll” in each Church, given to me or e-mailed to

The revised roll has to be on display for at least fortnight before the APCM so the last date for applications is Tuesday 7th April.

Many thanks
David Rogers




Friends of Deddington Church

Floodlight Sponsorship Scheme

Why not celebrate or commemorate a special occasion or loved one's anniversary by sponsoring  our beautiful and spectacular Church floodlighting?  The cost is  £25.00 per whole week's illumination and your details will be acknowledged on Church notice boards, Deddington online and in parish publications (or you may wish to remain anonymous).
For further details please contact Julie Goodman on 01869 338829 or email  Sponsorship forms are available from St Peter and St Paul Church, Deddington or can be downloaded here.

For a list of sponsors please click here

FODC thanks  the Deddington Parish Council  for their 50% subsidy of the floodlighting costs.


Patrons of the Living are the Dean & Chapter of Windsor and the Bishop of Oxford jointly.

The Parish Church is also an important focal point for a variety of village activities such as choral and orchestral concerts, drama productions, music workshops, craft fairs and markets. Its amenities - including modern kitchen, disabled, ladies and gentlemen's toilets, a loop system for the hard of hearing - make it ideal for such purposes.
Refreshments are usually available at all such functions as well as after every 10.30am Sunday service.








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