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When do we get a new Vicar?

Part two

Your Church Wardens have promised to keep you informed as to the appointment of a new vicar, and here is the progress to date. The process has become rather convoluted due to a number of circumstances beyond our humble control (these include summer holidays, appointment of a new Archdeacon and the retirement of the Bishop of Oxford). The time table, as reported in last month’s Church Matters, has slipped a little and is now some ten days behind.
The last of the statuary meetings, the section12, was held on the 4th of September. This involved a combined meeting of both the PCC’s of Barford and Deddington, the patrons (for The Barford’s, the Bishop of Oxford, Deddington the Canons of St George’s Chapel, Windsor), the Archdeacon of Dorchester and the lay chair of the Deanery Synod. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the final draft of the benefice pro-files and to put in place a time table leading up to the final interviews.
The parish representatives met on the 8th of September to draw up the final drafts of the two profiles and put together the advertisement. These have now been sent to the Archdeacon’s office and the advert will be placed in the Church Times on the 26th of September and the 3rd of October. The advertisement will also be posted on the web sites of the Diocese and Church Times. The closing date for applications will be the 3rd of November. All applications are to be sent to the Archdeacon’s office with copies, sent in strict confidence, to the parish representatives.
A meeting will be held, to compile the short list of the candidates, on November the 10th. This will include the 4 parish representatives, the patrons, the Archdeacon and the Area Deans. The candidates on the short list will be invited to visit the Benefice before the final interviews are held on the 25th of November.
It is unlikely that we will have a new incumbent before early March 2015. There is still much to do before then. I am pleased to report that the vicarage is now back in the hands of the wardens, but is in some need of redecoration. This will be left until new incumbent is appointed and is consulted.
Although we still have at least six months of interregnum to go, I must thank our clergy, lay teams and the members of the PCC for the magnificent work they have put in keeping the church operating as near normal as possible, but special thanks must go to our PCC Secretary, Dan Maharry, who has shown considerable stoicism and patience in the face of endless emails and redrafts of the profiles producing a truly magnificent document.
October is the season of mellow fruitfulness, our harvest festival will be on the 5th of October, a change from the normal First Sunday family service, to a family said Eucharist led by the Diocesan Rural Officer the Revd Canon Glyn Evans. Please come and sup-port this service. There will be children participation being led by David Benskin our youth worker, with your gifts of food being divided between the “Polly Box” and the Banbury food bank so we need tinned or packaged goods for the Children to present. The service will be followed by a “bring and share” lunch. There is a list at the back of the church, so please indicate if you are able to come for the lunch and what you are able to contribute.
George Fenemore & Iain Gillespie.

When do we get a new Vicar?

Part one

Everybody is asking when we will get a new vicar, and most express surprise at
the length of the process. So here is a summary of what has been done so far, and
what still has to be done. Two meetings have already been held. The first was a
joint meeting of Deddington and Barford PCCs, chaired by the Rev Jeff West, our
area dean, to elect two representatives from each PCC to take part in the selection
process, and to discuss the benefice and candidate profiles. The benefice profile
describes the two parishes in some detail, location, facilities, shops, schools, bus
routes and a whole host of other things, so that an applicant has some of idea of
what he or she might be coming into. The candidate profile describes what we
want in a vicar. The second meeting was attended by the elected representatives,
Cubby Brett, Tony Elvidge, George Fenemore and Iain Gillespie together with the
Rev Charles Chadwick, the diocesan Parish Development Advisor (PDA) and Dan
Maharry, the Deddington PCC Secretary. This meeting was to fine tune the profiles
with the help of the PDA. Dan Maharry has been writing and revising the profiles
throughout this process, and has put a lot of hard work into them. They are now
pretty well ready for the next stage, and the timetable is laid out below:
Sep 4: Both PCCs meet the patrons of the benefice to offer them the profiles for
their approval. The patrons will be represented by a canon from the Chapter of the
Royal Chapel at Windsor, and by the Archdeacon of Dorchester, the Venerable Judy
French. The Area Dean and the lay chair of the Deddington Deanery Synod may also
be in attendance.
Sep 19 & 26: Advertise in Church Times
Oct 29: Closing date for applications
Nov 3: Short listing meeting
Nov 19: Interviews


So a new vicar could be appointed by the end of November. However it is anticipated
that he or she would have to give three months’ notice to his or her present
parish, and so it would be the beginning of March, at the earliest, that we
might expect to have a new incumbent in post. Two final points, the parish representatives
have the final word on the appointment, in other words neither the patrons,
nor anyone else can impose an unwanted incumbent on us, and, secondly, if
we do not find a suitable candidate we have to start the process all over again!

Iain Gillespie and George Fenemore



Friends of Deddington Church

Floodlight Sponsorship Scheme

Why not celebrate or commemorate a special occasion or loved one's anniversary by sponsoring  our beautiful and spectacular Church floodlighting?  The cost is  £25.00 per whole week's illumination and your details will be acknowledged on Church notice boards, Deddington online and in parish publications (or you may wish to remain anonymous).
For further details please contact Julie Goodman on 01869 338829 or email  Sponsorship forms are available from St Peter and St Paul Church, Deddington or can be downloaded here.

FODC thanks  the Deddington Parish Council  for their 50% subsidy of the floodlighting costs.


Patrons of the Living are the Dean & Chapter of Windsor and the Bishop of Oxford jointly.

The Parish Church is also an important focal point for a variety of village activities such as choral and orchestral concerts, drama productions, music workshops, craft fairs and markets. Its amenities - including modern kitchen, disabled, ladies and gentlemen's toilets, a loop system for the hard of hearing - make it ideal for such purposes.
Refreshments are usually available at all such functions as well as after every 10.30am Sunday service.




For the archive of recorded services since Autumn 2009 please click here.







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