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Why should we go green? It is now widely accepted that we face major problems:

1 Climate change, whether or not brought on by man
2 Peak oil: a lifestyle which assumes oil will continue to be cheap and plentiful is deluded
3 Energy shortfall as redundant power stations fall offline, and the global geopolitical situation makes supplies more vulnerable

Can we do anything at local level? Will it make any difference? What help is there around Deddington or indeed on the internet?

Start by considering these suggestions: Buy second-hand. Make do and mend. Wash clothes at 30 degrees. Dry clothes outside where possible. Shop in Deddington. Eat seasonal veg. Eat less meat. Grown your own veg and fruit. Compost waste food. Turn down the thermostat. Turn appliances off stand-by. Unplug chargers. Insulate your home. Change to low energy light bulbs - LEDs are initially expensive but very cheap to run. Use rechargeable batteries. Get on a bike. Car share. Take the bus and train. Use the library. Learn a new domestic skill. Walk.

On DOL's green pages, you may find some of the links, resources and other information useful. Bringing about the right changes is not necessarily going to be easy, cheap, convenient or pleasant, but every little helps.

In this section you will also find extracts from Aspects of the Natural History of Deddington (working title): a book of some 14 chapters (including species lists) which the late Walter L. Meagher wrote over a period of ten years. The chapters which appear online have been slightly changed in the book, which is being drawn together by his wife, Wendy, but the gist remains the same. It is a record of what was seen and growing in Deddington over that period

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