Reduce, Reuse, Recycle





We are simply running out of space to dump our increasing volume of rubbish. It’s also a waste of re-useable materials. Refuse in landfill produces gases that, unless collected (and hopefully the methane used as a fuel), are harmful to the atmosphere. Methane is a relatively potent greenhouse gas with a high global warming potential. As Ernie said to Eric - What do you think of it so far?

Rubbish ain't necessarily so. FreeCycle is a web and email-based way of giving away unwanted goods or getting hold of them for free. There are local groups for Cherwell Valley, Chipping Norton and Oxford; totalling around 30,000 people already. Other growing sites include Snaffle-up and Freegle which includes one for Banbury.





There are two recycling centres run by Oxfordshire County Council, one at Alkerton; the other at Ardley is nearer the parish. It is clean, accessible and has areas for whiteware, metals, hardcore, batteries, old clothes and light bulbs, as well as general landfill. And it's open every day. OCC waste recycling centres now take all electrical items. There's an excellent A–Z of what can be recycled where at those sites. In fact there's a nearer site than the Oxfordshire ones at Farthinghoe. It has a wide range of acceptable goods for re-use.

 The CDC website shows what happens to our recycled waste - and no, it doesn't go to China! You can donate furniture and clothes to the Banbury Young Homeless, or to the many charity shops in Banbury. There's also the Furniture Re-use Network CDC logo


What more can you do? Quite a lot actually. The Recycle Now website, run by WRAP, an independent government-funded organisation, is full of ideas and information including stuff for children and schools.
Have a look at these other websites as well.

Recycle More

Waste Watch

Furniture Re-use Network

Kids and Adults can recycle

Alternatives to Landfill

Being More Green in the Home

The Community Action Group project provides money and support for local community events and intiatives that help to reduce the amount of waste we put into landfill in Oxfordshire. If you're really keen, you may like to start a local group, in which case contact CAG through their site.

Recycling and disposal of redundant computers and other electronic goods have been a problem. But now some Oxfordshire recycling centres will take computers and there are specialist firms that will refurbish them for charitable reuse.



Donate a PC is a free 'matchmaking' service through which you can donate equipment to charity; it is primarily for those with only one or two items to donate and/or who cannot use a suitable recycling organisation.
DTC in Croughton will also accept all telecoms equipment and electronic goods like TVs and hi-fi. dtc
If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, like paint and chemicals, call the ChemCollect service on 08450 50 45 50. It's free if you are not able to travel to one of the OCC sites.


Protecting the ocean from pollution

This email was received from Colonial Academy, Virginia, USA on 13 January 2015.

'My name's Barbara and I'm a room mother at Colonial Academy. This year before the break we had a bunch of kids do some research on going green, since we do a unit on it every year. So we decided to hold a grade wide meeting for everyone who was interested. We split up into groups and each group had to find a few sources on the web that we could include in some pamphlets, to print up and keep in the classrooms. Most students found your page and we used it quite frequently!

As a thank you they wanted me to reach out to you and give you another great resource they have been using and have found helpful, all about protecting ocean wildlife.'

Although Deddington is about as far from the coast as you can get in the UK, we are delighted to add the link because the seas are important to us all. If you would like to contact the Academy please email them.