Deddington News (1976-2001)

Welcome to the online archive of the Deddington News, 1976 to 2001. The goal is to place online images of our Parish newsletter, not just as a valuable tool in researching social history but also for the simple pleasure of browsing. There are many fascinating insights in to recent (and historic) Parish life within. Enjoy!

Current issues may be found on Deddington News' own website.

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This archive was a joint effort of Deddington News, Deddington OnLine and The Deddington and District History Society. Funding was kindly provided by an Awards for All grant. Scanning, processing and hosting of the images provided by Granary Publications. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the kind assistance of Deddington Library and Rosemary Arnold, Christopher Hall, Mary Robinson and Norman Stone, without whose help none of this would have been possible. Without the help of all these, plus the army of volunteers that have worked on the Deddington News over the years, we would not have this valuable archive today.