About DN

Deddington News (DN) is a local volunteer-produced newsletter which provides topical news and views, local features, and listings of local events, club meetings and local contacts. It is published ten times a year (monthly except January and August), and is distributed free of charge to the 1050+ dwellings in the civil parish of Deddington, comprising Deddington, Clifton and Hempton in the county of Oxfordshire.

DN is a sister organisation to Deddington OnLine (DOL), which provides longer-term, historical information, archives and present resources. From July 2012 DN and DOL comprise Deddington Media CIC, a Community Interest Company with profits dedicated to community projects (Company no. 8141239, registered office the Windmill Community Centre). The directors are Chair Colin Lambert (336144), Secretary and DN joint editor Jill Cheeseman (338609), DN joint editor Catherine Desmond (336211), DOL Chair Rob Forsyth (338384), and DN web editor Mary Robinson (338272).


The Deddington News Governing Document outlines its aims and principles (updated June 2017). 

In addition to the two editors, Jill Cheeseman and Catherine Desmond, there is a team of assistant editors and reporters comprising:

Alison Day, 337204 (Clubs and Societies)
Sandie Goundrey, 07730 406754 (Annual Ads)
Debbie Grimsley, 336110 (Monthly Ads and Inserts)
Ruth Johnson
, 338355 (Printing)
Gemma Nicholls (Annual Contacts List)
Mary Robinson
, 338272 (Web and Diary Editor)
Jean Rudge
, 338110 (Parish Council)
Hilary Smith
, 337813 (Features) 

Jane Wilson (Treasurer)

John Price is member without portfolio but helps with printing, and is brilliant on production work needed for the advertisements, both annual and monthly. 

If you would like to submit an article for publication please contact the editor.

Email the web editor if you would like an alert when each new issue is ready online.


DN is an A4 magazine of 18 editorial pages plus cover, printed in black and white and stapled twice along the outside edge. Editorial pages are printed on white paper, and are interleaved with 16 pages of advertisements printed on cream paper.

The current print run is 1,050 copies. Printing of editorial pages is done on a Risograph machine housed in the Windmill Community Centre. The annual advertisements on yellow pages are printed in two half-yearly runs by Northcourt Press of Abingdon, and stored in the Windmill. Inserts are supplied ready printed by the advertisers.

The 2017 cover design is by Marten Sealby. Issues February–November use the same cover illustration printed in a single colour. A separate four-colour cover is designed for December.

Manual collation and stapling of each issue takes about two hours, and is carried out at the Windmill by a team of some 20 or so willing pairs of hands. Thirty or so volunteers act as distributors for various areas of the parish. If you would like to join the collators or distributors, please contact anyone on the production team.

The production team comprises:
Duplicating: Ruth Johnson, 338355, and Pat Swash
Collating and distribution: Pat Brittain, 338685, assisted by Yvonne Twomey and teams.


Annual turnover is currently just under £10,000; about £8,000 is kept in reserve. It has a bank account at National Westminster Bank Banbury, under the name 'Deddington Media t/a Deddington News'. DN is funded almost entirely by advertising revenue

Any profit made is returned to the community, funding projects such as new noticeboards around the parish and at the Castle Grounds, donations towards Deddington OnAir, the Market Place Christmas tree, Hempton church doors, etc.

In January 2017 the long-serving Treasurer Buffy Heywood retired, and the new Treasurer is Jane Wilson

Copies of the current issue of DN are available in the Flower Shop, Market Place, with a box for donations.


Sep 1976–May 1979 Mary Robinson
June 1979–Oct 1979 Margaret Leaver and Jill Cheeseman
Nov 1979–Jan 1982 Jill Cheeseman
Feb 1982–Jan 1983 Una and Derek Vickers
Feb 1983–Jan 1984 Janet Clark
Feb 1984–Jan 1985 Ralph Elsley
Feb 1985–Jan 1987 Marianne Elsley
Feb 1987–Feb 1994 Angela and Norman Stone
Mar 1994–Aug 1997 Sylvie Spenceley
Sep 1997–Dec 2002 Kristin Thompson
Feb 2002–Feb 2008 Christopher Hall
Mar 2008-Oct 2012  
Jill Cheeseman and Mary Robinson
Nov 2012-
Jill Cheeseman and Catherine Desmond