Deddington News

·      Deddington News (DN) is a 38-page A4 magazine covering news, views, announcements, and reports on events in the civil parish, comprising Clifton, Deddington and Hempton,

·      It is non-political, non-sectarian and non-commercial and published monthly except for January and August.

·      The cost of distributing it free to each of the approximately 1,100 households in the parish is underwritten by advertising.

Advertisements and inserts

·      DN carries 18 pages of annual adverts as well as short-run monthly adverts printed on the copy pages and inserts added in the collation process. There are ten issues per year – none in January or August. Copy must be print-ready; copy not print-ready incurs an extra charge of £20.

·      The design should have good contrast, not be too subtle nor have large black areas.

·      DN does not endorse or recommend any of the advertising organisations.

·      Adverts and inserts are chargeable if they are promoting an event with an entry charge, whether for a charity or not.


Annual advertisements

·      Most of the annual advertisements are printed in black on pale yellow paper, interleaved with the copy pages.

·      Letters inviting annual advertisements are sent out in autumn with space allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

·      New advertisers expressing interest at other times are added to the list of those receiving the autumn invitation letter.

·      Space may become available in July when minor changes may also be made.

·      Contact the advertisement manager, Sandie Goundrey, 07730 406754

·      2018 rates are:

                  1/6 page (820mm x 820mm) @ £80pa

                  1/4 page (1250mm tall x 820cm wide) @ £105pa

                  1/2 page (1250mm tall x 1700mm wide) @ £200pa

                  Inside front and inside back covers (1/2 page) @ £220pa

                  Outside back cover (1/2 page) @ £250pa


Short-run adverts

·      Short-run adverts are interspersed among the editorial copy.

·      Contact the short-run advertising manager, Debbie Grimsley, 01869 336110. Space should be reserved as early as possible.

·      Print-ready copy must be submitted by the 10th of the month preceding publication.

·      Space cancelled within one week of copy deadline will be charged for.

·      1/6 and 1/4 page adverts are limited to a maximum continuous three-month run with a one-month interval before resuming. By request, it may be possible to increase the run subject to demand and pressure on space.

·      1/2 page adverts are limited to a maximum two-month run with a one-month interval before resuming.By request, it may be possible to increase the run subject to demand and pressure on space.

·      2018 rates are:

                  1/6 page (820mm x 820mm) @ £15 per month

                  1/4 page (1250mm tall x 820mm wide) @ £20 per month

                  1/2 page (1250mm tall x 1700mm wide) @ £40 per month


·      No more than three inserts will be carried in any month.

·      The advertiser is responsible for supplying 1,100 A5 or A4 folded copies.

·      The cost is £40.

2018 editorial copy dates

(No issue in January)
February issue: 20 January

March: 17 February

April: 17 March

May: 14 April

June: 19 May

July: 16 June

(No issue in August)

September: 18 August

October: 15 September

November: 20 October

December: 17 November

DN is an operating division of Deddington Media Community Interest Company (Company no.
08141239), a company limited by guarantee, with any profits dedicated to community projects. The DN’s governing body comprises its two joint editors and treasurer, supported by a committee of sub-editors.


DN is produced by a group of more than 60 volunteers, including contributors, editorial staff, cover artists, printing crew, collators, and a distribution team.


·      The views expressed in the DN are not necessarily those of the editors.

·      Inclusion of an advertisement or insert does not constitute any recommendation or endorsement and the DN takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these advertisements.

·      Letters to the editor must always contain the author’s name and either a telephone number or current email address, even if these are not for publication.

·      Submission of any article to DN carrying personal information (for example, names, locations, pictures) will imply that the person submitting the article has obtained the necessary consent from the individual (or parent/guardian in the case of a minor)/comp/organisation for this information to be used both in print and online.