Community - Fairtraders

Fighting poverty through trade


Deddington Fairtraders work to support farmers and craftsmen in developing countries by selling their products in Deddington.

As part of the Traidcraft Fairtrader network, we promote and sell Traidcraft goods, all of which have been produced either in developing countries or using products (e.g. chocolate, tea, cereals, etc.) that originate overseas. A small stock, mainly of foodstuffs, is maintained and sold in the Parish Church during the monthly Farmers’ Market held on the 4th Saturday of the month.

Traidcraft also produces a catalogue of fashions, crafts, gifts and stationery which can be ordered through Deddington Fairtraders and delivered anywhere in the locality with no postage or delivery charge. High-quality Christmas Cards which support a number of charities including Christian Aid, CAFOD and SCIAF are available to order from October to December.

Everything offered by Deddington Fairtraders comes with the assurance that the producers have been paid a fair price for their goods and have not been pressured by commercial forces into selling at uneconomic prices.

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