Patchwork QuiltThe group was started in 1986 with the aim of learning and putting to use a variety of handicrafts by interested people. Several talented craftswomen demonstrate and oversee the practice of their particular skill.

Each year we share in the Deddington Festival to display the results of our efforts in the fields of quilting, embroidery - both machine and hand - fashion knitting, fabric books, weaving, and decorative arts and crafts. Every year the group, under the guidance of Bridgit O'Connor, makes the components of a patchwork quilt which is raffled during the Festival. The proceeds are given to a designated charity.

CrGpLibWRedIn the Library you will see a large wall-mounted fabric collage made by the group in 1991; it depicts the buildings, trades and activities in Deddington through the ages. Click on the image (left) to see the detail in a larger version, and to see the legend click here.

Our aims are to use time honoured techniques in a creative way, to share knowledge and imagination and to use our individual talents to produce a variety of interesting versions from the same original instruction but with unique interpretation.

Craft workWe occasionally arrange an outside visit to extend our understanding of craft work. Recently we have visited the American Museum to see early American quilts. We went to see stumpwork at Sulgrave Manor, to gain knowledge of the equipment and materials available for craft work in Shipston, to visit Rainbow Silks at Great Missenden and the Bramble Patch at Weedon.

We welcome anyone who would like to learn or teach creative crafts. We meet every Tuesday afternoon 2 - 4.30pm in The Holly Tree room.

If you would like to join and for contact information please refer to the DIRECTORY