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1 month ago

Jill Cheeseman

I managed to miss this off my list, apologies. Too many different groups for the locality. In case you haven't seen it the July issue of Deddington News is now available here

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3 months ago

Naomi Martell-Bundock

Do you know any U16 boys (born Sept. 2004 - Aug 2005) looking for a football team to play for?
Halse United FC are looking for players for the 2020 (hopefully) - 2021 season starting later this year. Please contact our coach, Shane, on 07999 478901 if you'd like to know more.

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4 months ago

Betty Smith

Service update from Hook Norton Vets:

Well, for the most part. Due to recent guideline changes, we are now able to offer the following.

Dog Vaccinations - All* dog vaccinations can be performed, as it is important we vaccinate against leptospirosis. DHP and KC can be given concurrently. Rabies vaccinations can be carried out if required for certification reasons. *The only exception, at present, is a dog presenting for solely a Kennel Cough vaccination, which is delayed at this time.

Rabbit Vaccinations – Rabbit vaccinations can be performed due to seasonal disease risks.

Adult Cat Vaccinations - Please still be patient and wait, UNLESS it has been longer than 15 months since your cat’s last vaccination.

We are running 4 vaccine clinics. These will be on specific days and have allocated times, as we are still running on a skeleton staff. The dates for these clinics are:

15th, 16th, 21st & 22nd of April

To book a vaccination appointment on one of these days please use our online booking request form (follow the link), this will help keep our telephone lines free for emergencies. One of our Small Animal Reception Team will call you to book the appointment. If you do not have access to this form then please phone us.

Please note, that due to skeleton staffing, it's unlikely you will be able to request a specific vet to carry out your pet’s vaccination.

Our branch surgeries remain closed and all appointments are being carried out at our Hook Norton Hospital.

It is still really important, and will prevent unwanted pregnancies, aggression, etc. Especially for cats, rabbits and multi-sex households of dogs.

We will be assessing each neutering on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to enquire as to whether it would be possible to neuter your pet, please follow the link to our appointment request form and one of our vets will call you back to discuss the neutering. If you cannot access the online appointment request form, then please phone us to request a call back by a vet.

As such we still recommend video or telephone consults in the first instance to assess patients, as per the guidelines. Please continue to respect the social distancing measures we have in place to protect both staff and clients.

#HNVG #hnvgpets #vaccinesareback #skeletonstaff #bekind #vaccineclinics

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