Harvard Krokodiloes

The Kroks

The Harvard Krokodiloes are Harvard University’s oldest a cappela singing group. Over the years they have performed for royalty, world politicians, film stars, international companies and at major sporting events. Every two years they undertake a 10-week world tour which in 2019 comprised 16 countries. Despite all the major cities they visit and star-studded audiences for whom they perform, they love returning to Deddington, one of their favourite venues.

Here they are the guests of local families for three nights and have performed in some of our lovely local gardens. The audience brings a picnic and a bottle of something chilled, chairs are provided. On one rainy occasion the Parish Church provided a different, more intimate setting. The Kroks bring world-class unaccompanied singing and amusing choreography to the audience, many of whom return year after year. Covid put a stop to their 2021 visit and we wait to hear whether they will return