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2021 Show, Saturday 4 September

After a challenging 18 months the Deddington Parish Show took place on 4 September. The committee was amazed at the volume of entries and it was good to see how many people attended. All in all it was a very successful event.

Aftermany years of stalwart work, Wendy Burrows retired from the role of secretary and handed over to Sue Shelley. Next year’s show will be held on Saturday 3 September.

The results are as follows:
Cookery: Welford Cup
1st Mrs V Moysee; 2nd Melanie Warren & Anne Bishop; 3rd Sue Ayles
Flowers: Marianne Elsley Cup
1st Melanie Warren & Valerie Bird; 2nd Terry Timms; 3rd Sue Ayles
Vegetables: Oliver Hawes Cup
1st Brian Palmer; 2nd Bev & Mark Ryland; 3rd Stan Nelson
Fruit: SS Peter & Paul Cup
1st Bev & Mark Ryland; 2nd Melanie Warren/Sue Ayles/Louise Ayles/Rebecca Deeley; 3rd Wendy Burrows/Valerie Bettey/Chloe Eriksen
Art: John Cheney Art Cup
1st Steve Waterman; 2nd Ken Wilkinson & Peter Condon; 3rd David Jefferies/Wendy Burrows/Angela Faint/Jen Cox
Craft: Stella Marmion Cup
1st Meriel Flux; 2nd Adele Sullivan; 3rd Kate Petty & Rosie Phillips
Photography: Farmers Market Cup
1st Melanie Warren; 2nd Lucy Squires & Terry Timms; 3rd Wendy Burrows
Show Champion Gardeners Cup
1st Melanie Warren/Bev & Mark Ryland; 2nd Brian Palmer; 3rd Sue Ayles

Children’s Results
5 and under
1st Lilly Dowling; 2nd Harvey Cooke & Elliott Warren; 3rd Charlie O’Hara & Maddison Warren
1st Jay Cox; 2nd Isabella Horner; 3rd Isabella Russell
1st Polly Banks; 2nd Ellen Bird & Meredith Horner
Show Champion Maureen Forsyth Cup
1st Jay Cox; 2nd Polly Bank & Isabella Horner; 3rd Isabella Russell & Lilly Dowling

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A history of the show is here